The Comeuppance

05.16.23–07.09.23 / Tue–Sun


The Comeuppance

2022.23 Season

Written by

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Directed by

Eric Ting

About this Event

In Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ world premiere of The Comeuppance, the latest from “one of this country’s most original and illuminating writers” (The New York Times), a self-proclaimed “Multi-Ethnic Reject Group” reconvenes for the first time in years to pregame for their twentieth high school reunion. Over alcohol and other such substances, they try to reconnect who they once were with who they’ve each become.



05.16.23–07.09.23 / Tue–Sun


The Irene Diamond Stage


Premiere Residency

About the

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is a Brooklyn-based playwright and producer and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.

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