Visitors’ Guide

Visitors’ Guide

A few tips for your trip to the Center

A Guide for Guests Visiting for The Watering Hole

Where do I pick up my tickets?

All tickets will be distibuted digitally for The Watering Hole, emailed to you after purchase. You may also access tickets by logging into your account at Simply print your tickets at home or present the ticket PDF on your phone upon entry. There will be no physical tickets distributed, and no physical will call available.

Should I dress up?

No dress code here! Come in your everyday street clothes, loungewear, or your Sunday best — whatever makes you most comfortable. Please note that the temperature in the Center runs cool to maintain comfort.

When should I arrive at the Center?

We strongly encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time, or 20 minutes early if you are purchasing tickets in person. You will need to complete a temperature check, verify completion of the COVID-19 Screening form and obtain a wristband before you begin the experience of The Watering Hole.


Late arrival accommodations are subject to availability. If you arrive past your reservation time, your slot may be given to the next group. If we are not sold out, you may be admitted at a later time slot as availability and capacity permits.   

Is there a place to store my coat and bag?

There is no coat check or public storage at the Center. Please note, Signature is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. We ask that you not bring luggage or other large items that you cannot carry yourself for the duration of the event. 

I use a wheelchair or other mobility device, ​IS THE CENTER ACCESSIBLE?

All areas of the Center are wheelchair accessible, and all installations of The Watering Hole can be experienced and accessed by wheelchair. If you feel you have unique needs or desire more information, please contact Ticket Services before your visit. We also recommend filling out the Access Needs Survey which will be sent by email prior to your reservation date.

WHAT can I expect from THe Watering Hole?

Enjoy yourself in a safe, distanced environment, and be challenged to expand what your idea of theatre can be! 

The Watering Hole will activate the Center’s many spaces—its elevator, stairs, stages, lobby, backstage, green rooms and more—allowing you to acclimate to the space while also stepping into a new, nourishing and accessible vision for in-person theatre. You will move through a series of 10 installations, which derive their inspiration in part from water itself, as they flow from all directions into a larger whole. While individual artists have brought their singular aesthetics and experiences to spaces within the building, they’ve collaborated fluidly throughout a process that reframes theatre-making outside its usual hierarchies. 

This is a mobile event with seating available in several locations. The experience from start to finish will last approximately 80 minutes with a total distance of 1,320 feet. 

Have more questions?

Please contact our Ticket Services office by email or phone at 212-244-7529. Office hours are Tuesday–Sunday, 12:00pm–5:00pm.

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