Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Signature Theatre Board Of Trustees includes

Edward Norton
Nina B. Matis

Dick Berry

Richard E. Willett


Margot Adams
Leslie Bains
Douglas E. Chittenden
Bernard L. Dikman
Paige Evans
Kate Roche Hope
David S. Klafter
Lori Kramer
Timothy G. Little
Christine Millen
Dominique Morisseau
Lila Neugebauer
Nancy Northup
Peter Norton
Kristen O'Hara
Laura Pels
Michael Rauch
John J. Studzinski CBE

Donna Walker-Kuhne
Susan Weiner
Richard E. Willett
Sara Zilkha

James Houghton, Founder*
Diane Morrison, Chairman Emeritus

Molly O'Neil Frank, President Emeritus
Sally Strachan, President Emeritus
Richard M. Ticktin, Esq., Chairman Emeritus*
Edward Albee, Trustee & Resident Playwright *

*In memoriam

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Signature relies on the annual support of individuals like you to present the work of world-class writers and to support our groundbreaking Signature Ticket Initiative.
Pictured above: Robert Sean Leonard and Paul Sparks in Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo, photo by Joan Marcus.

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