Join our new Student Membership program! 

Signature's Student Membership is a free program for current students from grade school through graduate school and beyond. Student Members have access to discounted tickets, student-centered community events and special behind the scenes looks at Signature programming. Our Student Membership extends Signature's commitment to creating a home for storytellers, a space for all, bridging access and activation at The Pershing Square Signature Center for folks navigating the educational system as students.  


Student Night:

The Comeuppance

Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Eric Ting

Friday, May 19, 2023

Student Memberships include: 

Student Tickets 

  • $20 student tickets to Signature Theatre productions (limit 2 per production) 
  • $30 guest tickets for students to bring a non-student guest (limit 2 per production)  
  • Advanced booking for Student Night performances  
  • Online, phone, or in person booking the second tickets go on sale for general performances 
  • Free, flexible exchanges up to 48 hours before reservation 
*Any available ticket can be booked as a student ticket  
*Student tickets will cost $23 at checkout and guest tickets will cost $39 at checkout, inclusive of fees.  

Special Member Perks 

  • Invitations to special Student Nights for each production. Student Nights will feature a variety of pre/post-show events including parties, artist conversations, student work sharing and more!
  • First dibs on special free ticket offers for students 
  • Invitations to student-centered special events including artist talks, masterclasses, backstage tours of the Pershing Square Signature Center and more
  • 15% off at Signature's Café and Bookstore  
  • A special Student Newsletter with information about upcoming shows and events alongside special artistic and community features 
  • Your membership stays valid through your graduation year. If you continue your education after graduation, you may rejoin the membership  



Who is considered a student? 

Anyone currently enrolled in middle school, high school, college, trade school, graduate school, or a PhD program.  


What does Signature's Student Membership cost? 

Our Student Membership is free to join! Tickets to each production are $20 for students, $30 for non-student guests, plus fees. There will be periodic free ticket offers for Student Members throughout the year. 


How do I sign up? 
You can sign up here! Your membership will last through your graduation year. If you become a student again (for example, if you start college or graduate studies), you will be able to rejoin the Student Membership. Please bring your student ID with you the first time you see a show so our team can validate your account in our system. 


Are there any benefits beyond seeing the shows? 

Yes! Please scroll up for special member perks.


I'm not interested in joining the membership, but I am a student and want to attend a Signature production. Can I still get a student-priced ticket? 

Student-priced tickets are reserved for Student Members. If you're only interested in seeing one show and purchasing student-priced tickets, we still encourage you to sign up for the membership for free. Otherwise, Signature offers a General Rush day-of at the box office two hours prior to each performance. General Rush tickets are priced in accordance with the performance and availability varies.  


I'm a teacher and would like to bring my students to a show. Do they get the student rate? 

Yes! We'd love for you to encourage your students to sign up for the Student Membership. With that said, our student group rate tickets will be $20 per student, $35 per educator, before fees. To book student group tickets, please contact:

If you're a middle or high school teacher interested in bringing your students to a free student matinee, please contact Signature's Manager of Artistic and Education Projects, Maia Safani:

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