Memberships FAQ

Memberships FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Season Memberships

How do I book my Member tickets?
Why Memberships instead of Subscriptions?
What are the differences?
What are the Member ticket prices?
How long does the Membership last?
How do I get even more benefits?
How can I use my credits from postponed productions in 2020?
What productions will be in the 21–22 Season?
Can I buy guest tickets?
How much of my Season Membership fee is tax deductible? 
Are Memberships or tickets refundable?


How do I book my Member tickets?

Once your early booking begins, you will receive a booking email from us. Member tickets can be booked online or by phone with Ticket Services.

  1. Log in to your account. Due to a change in our system, you may be prompted to reset your password.
  2. View Calendar and find your desired date.
  3. Choose your price: Access ($35) or Pay It Forward ($35 + Ticket Initiative donation).
  4. Complete your purchase.

If you encounter any issues while trying to book your seats, email or call and leave a voicemail at (212) 244–7529.

Why memberships instead of subscriptions?

We’ve taken the time to rethink and examine what people will need during and after the pandemic, and two important points emerged: access and flexibility.

By transitioning from a subscription, a fixed theatergoing model, to a membership with more flexibility, we hope this will give more options to a wider array of theatergoers. The membership provides more freedom of choice while offering virtually the same valued benefits to Signature supporters. We hope this new model will provide more flexibility to our loyal subscribers while providing a new option for others to enjoy.


What are the differences in benefits between a membership and a subscription?

Nearly all the benefits offered with subscriptions will be available with membership, which includes early booking, free exchanges, and discounts at the Center. View our Benefits page to see how they compare.


What are the ticket prices for Members?

Members have access to purchase one subsidized ticket per show for regular performances, or one ticket at the guaranteed lowest tier price for extension performances.


How long will my membership last?

The 2021-22 Membership now on sale will be valid through the end of the final production of the 2021-22 Season.


How can I get even more benefits?

With add-on gifts starting at $100, Season Members may join the Friends of Signature program. Benefits include extra early access to tickets, vouchers to the Signature Café + Bar, special events, and more. Select the link below to browse our giving levels and make a donation.


What productions will be in the 2021-22 season?

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 by Anna Deavere Smith
A Case for the Existence of God by Samuel D. Hunter
Confederates by Dominique Morisseau

Due to ongoing rescheduling in consideration of COVID-19, all dates are subject to change. If any productions are postponed or rescheduled to a different season, we will continue to offer you options to credit, donate or be refunded the value of your ticket(s).

Signature produces work exclusively by writers in our Signature Residency Program, so you can expect to see productions from our exciting roster of current writers in residence. Learn more about our current Signature Writers in Residency to see whose work you may see on our stages next.

Can I buy guest tickets with a Season Membership?

Yes, Season Members can purchase one guest ticket per Membership, per production. Guest tickets during the first five weeks of productions are accessibly priced like all tickets thanks to the Signature Ticket Initiative and the support of donations. Guest tickets are subject to ticketing fees. All ticket sales are subject to availability.


How much of my season membership fee is tax deductible?

100% of your $40 Season Membership fee is tax deductible. 

How can I use my credits from postponed productions in 2020?

You may redeem your credits from the postponed Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 or Confederates for tickets to the rescheduled productions during the regular run and pay no additional difference in price. Tickets for the rescheduled 2020 productions are not valid for extension performances and are subject to availability. Credits can alternatively be redeemed toward the cost of memberships or individual tickets to any other show. Learn more about account credits on Tickets & Policies.

Unused credits can be donated to Signature Theatre upon request to support our mission of celebrating playwrights and providing them an artistic home. The deadline to request a refund for credits is June 23, 2022. Unredeemed credits will be converted to donations at the conclusion of the 2021-22 season.


If I or a member of my household contract COVID-19, are memberships or tickets refundable?

Due to COVID-19 we have relaxed our refund policies for the 2021-22 Season. Learn more about your refund and exchange options in your Membership Handbook.

Have more questions?

Contact Ticket Services at (strongly preferred) or by calling (212) 244–7529 and leaving your name, phone number and inquiry.


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