Explore the season for only $40/year

We’ve worked on improving how you can see shows and have thought critically about how we can make our reunion to theatergoing more welcoming for everyone. We’ve discontinued selling our previous fixed subscription, and now offer a more flexible Membership option to reconnect with Signature and explore all we have to offer at the Center. The major difference is more flexibility—you get to decide what you’d like to see, when you’d like to see it.


What's the difference between a subscription and membership?

Our Signature Membership isn’t as different from our previously offered Signature Subscription as you’d think. The biggest difference is when you pay for tickets—you get to decide what you’d like to see, when you’d like to see it.

With a Signature Subscription, a fee and all tickets were paid for upfront, and later you’d select your seat. With a Signature Membership, you pay for your ticket when you select your seat. You still get early access and the same perks, with more choice in where and when you spend your money. See them all, see one — it’s your choice! More flexibility at the same affordable Ticket Initiative price and benefits. If you prefer to secure your tickets upfront with more benefits, learn more about becoming a Friend.


Discover the Benefits


Free exchanges between performances and shows

Early access

Three-week early booking before the public

Lower upfront cost

No upfront ticket purchase or minimum, just $40 to join

Bring a friend

Book guest tickets during early booking period

Café + Bar & Bookshop discounts

Save on concessions and merchandise

Waived fees

Regular $4.50 ticket service fee is waived ($2 facility fee still applies)


Become a Friend of Signature

Want your tickets up front Plus other exciting benefits?

With a gift of $500, you will receive membership benefits PLUS six (6) flexible tickets to be used in the 2021/22 season, an additional 48 hours of early ticket booking, vouchers to Signature Cafe + Bar, and more. Your donation supports our playwrights and other artists at this challenging time as they continue to develop new work that will be produced in celebration of our 30th anniversary season and beyond.

How to Purchase

Memberships for the upcoming 21–22 Season can now be purchased online! Hit the blue "Buy a Membership" button on the side of this page (bottom on mobile) and select the number of memberships you would like to purchase.

Affordable Tickets with the Signature Ticket Initiative

All tickets are subsidized for the first five weeks of every production.

Our affordable tickets are available to you with or without a Membership. Through our Signature Ticket Initiative, a program supported by donor contributions, we're able to offer these subsidized tickets at that affordable price and decrease the barrier of cost. Prices increase during extensions, which is why we have the Ticket Initiative Extension Program to guarantee affordable tickets are still made available to those who qualify.


Health and Safety

In the wake of the pandemic, we formed a reopening task force dedicated to the safety of your return. The staff continues to stay apprised of all the government-regulated precautions and are doing field research on how we can make your experience back at the theatre a safe one. Read more about our plans regarding health and safety around COVID-19.



Have questions? Visit our FAQ page, and if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us at ticketservices@signaturetheatre.org and we’d be happy to help. We are currently working remotely with a reduced staff due to COVID-19. Our temporary Ticket Services hours are from Monday–Thursday 12–5PM. We thank you for your patience as we work to answer all your questions. 

2021-2022 Season
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