Open Your Lobby

Open Your Lobby

NYC Protestors in Midtown

You are welcome in the Pershing Square Signature Center lobby, 480 W 42nd St.
Next Open: Friday 6/12, Saturday 6/13, and Sunday 6/14, 2:00 - 6:00pm

Free wi-fi, free bottled water & snacks, and restrooms available.
Please wear a mask for the safety of you and volunteer staff.

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We have a limited supply of hand sanitizer at the door. Masks are on order but may not be available right away, please bring your own.

In continuation of our usual procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and audience, there will be a required security check to enter conducted by private security. If you have prohibited items, you’re still welcome but need to leave your bag at the door. Restrooms will have reduced capacity to enforce social distancing.

Resources for Volunteers

Tips for protesting safely
Know Your Rights information for protesters

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